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My Navy story

These are my duty stations. If you served with me or just want to talk about serving at these stations or just have a "sea story" to tell email me.

  • Enlisted 27 August 1962 Merrick, L.I., New York
  • Aug-Oct 1962 Boot Camp Great lakes, Ill
  • Oct-1962-June-1963 Station Hospital, New London, Conn HM Striker Duty
  • July-1963-Oct-1963 HM A School Great Lakes, I'll (HN)
  • Oct-1963-May-1965 Naval Hospital St. Albans, New York (HN-HM3) duties: Pediatric ward , TB ward, Orthotech 8489 Ortho Clinic
  • June-1965-Oct-1967 Station Hospital NOB Bermuda (HM2)
  • Nov-1967-Jan-1969 Limited Duty, FMSS & Naval Hospital Camp Pendelton, Calif.
  • Jan-1969-Jan1971 Naval Hospital Guam, MI, (HM1) Ortho Clinic LPO
  • Jan-Feb 1971 Field Medical Service School student 8404
  • Mar-1971-Mar-1972 3rd Marine Division Okinawa, Duties; Divison Aid Station LPO Camp Smedly D. Butler. H&S Co. BAS, LPO 3rd Bn. 9th Marines Camp Schwab.
  • Mar-1972-Nov-1975 Inspector & Instructor, Navay & Marine Corps Reserve Center, Cleveland, Ohio, (HMC Jan 1975, Commissioned Temporary Ensign, Medical Service Corp Oct-1975
  • Nov-1975-June-1980 U. S. Naval Regional Medical Center Naples, Italy, Duties: Chief, Operating Managemet Officer (Ens-Ltjg) 1978 Permanent HMCS Chief Patient Affairs, (LT)
  • July-1980-June-1983 Medical Programs Manager Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region 7, Charleston, SC. Assigned additional duty to Region 6, Washington, D.C. & Region 8, Jacksonville, Fla. Permanent HMCM-1982 Augmented permanent LT, MSC-1982
  • Jul-1983-June-1986 U. S. Hospital, Charleston, SC. (LCDR) Duties: Head, Manpower Management Dept.
  • July-1986-Feb-1990 Officer-in-Charge, Branch Medical Clinic, Marine Corp Air Station, Beaufort, SC.
  • Retired Feb 1, 1990