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In the fall of 1986 I drove past a small overgrown, little used Black cemetery in rural Colleton County, SC. I had missed seeing this cemetery until a brush fire burned off the undergrowth revealing the grave stones. One of the headstones was on the grave of PFC James Calvin Bodison who was killed in action at age 19 in the Republic of Vietnam.

Over the next 28 years my wife Judy and I place an American flag on this grave for Memorial Day.   On several occasions Judy  placed flowers and cleaned the site. My grandson, Dustin Driscoll, also did the honors. He learned the true meaning of Memorial Day.

After Judy passed away in 2009 I was unable to continue this as my disabilities made it difficult to walk in the uneven and overgrown cemetery.

On Memorial Day 2012 my son Patrick, great grandson Christopher Ramirez and I again placed a flag to honor PFC Bodison. The tradition continues. Christopher also learned the true cost of freedom and what Memorial Day really means.

For more information about PFC go to: http://www.vvmf.org/Wall-of-Faces/4535/JAMES-C-BODISON